Mohammad Shorifuzzaman


Mohammad is an entrepreneur with having a tremendous passion for adding meaningful contribution to the inevitable progress in the method of delivery of Education globally. He is the Director of CAN-ESL, visioning to make English easy and accessible globally. SHORIF has a well-diversified academic and career background to incorporate technology, Education and services with perfect harmony. Mohammad is an active director of SaskIT, a Saskatchewan-based IT service-providing corporation, and Guide Me Immigration, one of Canada’s most reputable immigration service-providing corporations. He has obtained an Immigration Consultant Diploma from the renowned Ashton College, BC. He is an alumnus of the University of Dhaka with a Master’s of Business Administration and also an alumnus of AUST with a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has gained several awards and rapid professional growth over the last 13 years in various client services and engineering managerial positions while working with TELUS, BestBuy, Banglalink, QUBEE, and Bangla Telecom. SHORIF is an enthusiastic, fun-loving, and extremely caring person.

Kristy Sletten

Chief Operating Officer

Kristy Sletten has been working in education for nearly three decades.  For many of those years, she has been directly involved with ESL students.  Kristy developed her passion for ESL education as a Principal of a comprehensive school in Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was instrumental in creating the Chinook International Program, one of the premier secondary international programs in Saskatchewan operating for over 17 years.   In 2018, Kristy joined the realm of post-secondary education, tasked with building the international program at Great Plains College.  This role has now grown to encompass two other colleges in Saskatchewan under the name – Saskatchewan Colleges.  Kristy is currently the Manager of International Admissions for this partnership.  In November 2021, Kristy joined CAN-ESL as the Chief Operating Officer.  Having worked in all levels of education from elementary to post-secondary, Kristy is well equipped to create an excellent learning atmosphere for the participants of CAN-ESL.  In the short time, CAN-ESL has been providing programming, many advancements have been made to improve both the student and the teaching experience.  Kristy is confident in the power that CAN-ESL has to impact English development for participants of all levels.