Syeda Sharmin Mukta

“Hi! I would love to be your ESL teacher. I have been teaching English for the last four years, and I enjoy teaching English because it gives people a meaningful voice, helps to open doors to many opportunities. I was born in Bangladesh but grew up in North America; as a result, I had to learn English as a Second Language. Therefore, I can feel the challenges and frustrations students may face from the language barrier. In my opinion, ESL teachers play a vital role in connecting the language and cultural gap for English language learners. I can make lessons fun and easy so that students can have a wonderful experience learning English. I like to run fun interactive classes so that they actively participate and share their experiences. I always try to help them feel comfortable, let them make mistakes and help them learn from their mistakes. As students come from various backgrounds, I try to understand their strengths and weaknesses to use different strategies to help them learn English quickly. I always teach my students with the passion for leading them in the right direction and encouraging them to do their best. In the past, I helped my students learn English by asking them to share their daily activities and keeping a journal. I love cooking, shopping, meeting people and learning about different cultures. I am very excited to welcome you to my class and looking forward to our incredible journey together in CANesl!”