Mikael Steponchev

“Hello! As an energetic student pursuing a path towards a career in education, I want to help you succeed in achieving all your English learning goals. I love teaching because it provides an opportunity to connect with others in a meaningful fashion and is an excellent way to promote sustainable intercultural equity. Whether you want to learn how to speak and understand more fluently, read faster, write better papers for school, or simply build confidence using the English language, I am happy to help you get there. Drawing on over a decade of university-level experience, my passion is providing ESL learners with high-quality instruction to excel in academic and social settings alike. My approach to teaching is simple: make learning a positive experience by balancing content with its relevance to each student and their specific needs as a learner. In the past, I have helped neuro-divergent and neuro-typical students from a diverse range of backgrounds by tutoring for the Saskatoon Open Door Society. Personal hobbies of mine include reading, singing, short fiction writing, and co-caring for my hamster Marvis. I look forward to meeting and working with you as we begin our ESL journey together!”