Kim Peters

“Prior to joining CANesl, I have had 15 years of experience in teaching. I enjoy adding creativity, making learning exciting and more effortless. Building genuine relationships with the students is a key component of my teaching style. Understanding that everyone learns at a different pace, I, therefore, believes in adapting lessons for each student as an individual. I continue to strive to instill my love of reading into students and have incorporated it throughout every subject I teach. A commitment to see each student’s progress is a large priority. I monitor their growth closely to make sure they achieve success. Growing up in Canada, the eldest of four sisters, my passion for teaching was evident at an early age. From the age of six, I planned lessons, taught for hours, and even gave homework assignments to my very young siblings. These moments gave me a sense of how exciting teaching would be, and I never deterred from reaching the goal. I received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in Native Studies and a minor in English.

I have been married for 21 years and am a proud mother of two teenagers. Even amidst hectic lives, I believe in the importance of creating family time wherever possible. Reading still remains my greatest pastime, as well as gardening in the backyard.”