CANesl is proud to partner with Paragon Testing, creators of the CELPIP and CAEL test.

If you are looking for opportunities in Canada then look no farther than CELPIP and CAEL. These Canadian tests can help you get a job, apply for university or even become a citizen. Let our teachers help you achieve your goal!

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Guide me Immigration is the licensed immigration service provider in Canada. They have comprehensive expertise, experience and an amazing team to make your immigration work easy. Start your journey today!

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CANesl is proud to assist our students in their preparation for IELTS!

A good score on your IELTS can unlock many job and immigration opportunities. Take your life into your own hands and let CANesl help you to get the score you need!

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Learn English the easy way

CANesl provides live classes taught by Canadian teachers to best prepare you for IELTS, CELPIP or CAEL. Try our one-on-one tutor options and practice tests with Real Feedback. Canadians are making English Easy!

Canadian Teachers

Live Interactive courses

One-on-one tutors Available

Real Feedback for learning

Comprehensive Classes

English for all Levels

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We help you reach your Goals

Our well-trained teachers use proven materials to ensure you have the best learning experience. They provide real-time feedback and training to help you to achieve the score you need. Success is at your fingertips.

Your Journey

Assessment Test

The teacher will perform a complete assessment of your ability to communicate in English to find the appropriate classroom for you.

Determine Strength & Weakness

The teachers will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking to define your learning goals from the outcome of the assessment test.

Course Planning

The teacher will design the appropriate lesson plans, study materials, and study guide to heal you to achieve your learning goals.

Interactive Learning

The teacher will tale classes through video conferencing with specific classroom activities to help you learn and grow.

Level Up!

After your one-month class, we have you retake your assessment. Most students who put in the effort will graduate from their class and move on to the next level, whether beginner, intermediate or Advanced.

Join CANesl and take your assessment test. Let our teachers evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to design the proper lesson plan that you need. Systematically designed interactive classes ensure you level up your score. We are committed to helping until you get the score you need.

Live Tutoring

Sitting in front of a screen with no interaction is boring.

Our teachers are available throughout different slots of the day to accomodate our students from various time zones.

Live Classes

Learn from the comfort of your home with our experienced teachers.


Enjoy real-time feedback and exciting activities instead of just being lectured.


Get the scores you need in a timely fashion with practical lessons.



USD 329 Monthly
  • Live Classes
  • 2 days/week
  • 6 Hours a day

Value Bundle

USD 349 Monthly
  • Live Classes
  • 5 days/week
  • 3 Hours a day

Premium Bundle

USD 449 Monthly
  • Live Classes
  • 5 days/week
  • 3 Hours a day
  • 5 hours one-on-one tutoring

Asessment Test

USD 19 per assessment
  • Check your Level
  • Real Feedback
  • Advice on how to reach your goal
  • $19 Off any Class

Additional Services

  • One-on-One Tutoring USD 30/hr
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  • Book a Practice test
    2 CELPIP Mock Test USD 35
    2 CAEL Mock Test USD 35
    2 IELTS Mock Test USD 35

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